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Purchase Information & Options

pricing, hold fee & sales process

Pricing for puppies is based on many factors. Factors include but are not limited to: specific pairing of breeding pair, pedigree, parents championship title(s) if applicable, show/breeding quality, conformation, personality, temperament,  structure, intelligence, gender, size, markings, coat color, eye color, training ability, with or without breeding rights, registration(s) and genetic testing.  Final prices are not posted until multiple evaluations are performed and eye color can be estimated at approximately 4 to 5 weeks of age.  Evaluations will continue after this time frame as well.  Breeding rights can be purchased at an additional fee only if the puppy is of breeding quality and meets or exceeds breed standards.  Our prices average between $750.00 - $2500.00 and are subject to change at any time.  Average pricing without breeding rights:

  • Black or Red Tri/Bi Females: $850.00 - $1500.00
  • BET (Blue Eyed Tri) Black or Red Tri/Bi Females: $975.00 - $1800.00
  • Blue or Red Merle Females: $975.00 - $1800.00
  • Black or Red Tri/Bi Males: $750.00 - $1200.00
  • BET (Blue Eyed Tri) Black or Red Tri/Bi Males: $900.00 - $1750.00
  • Blue or Red Merle Males: $900.00 - $1750.00


  • Exceptional Breeding and/or Show Quality: $1750.00 - $2500.00

We update our puppy page regularly and immediately upon a hold fee being placed on a specific puppy. The puppy will show as follows: 

  • "Hold” - for a puppy that a hold fee has been received for that potentially matches buyers criteria but is still waiting on estimated eye color, pricing evaluation, and final pricing determination. 
  • Sale Pending” - for a puppy with a final cost established and accepted by the buyer. 
  • Sold” - for a puppy which full payment has been received. 

PLEASE NOTE: Puppies identified with a "Hold" or "Sale Pending" can become available again in the future if someone passes on an advance hold fee to another litter or is unable to complete the purchase agreement in anyway.

A $250.00 hold fee is required to hold your puppy of choice. 

Buyers (aka advance buyer) who wish to place an “advance hold fee” on a future litter are placed on a "litter priority list" on a first come first choice basis in the order we receive the hold fee and signed hold fee agreement.   Advance hold fees are 100% refundable less any applicable transactions fees (i.e. Processing fee, wire transfer fee, etc.) until a specific puppy “final choice option” is presented and acknowledged with the exception of a request to cancel.  Requests to cancel for any reason will be charged a $25 cancellation fee.  Advance hold fees are applied to the purchase price of the puppy.

Advance buyers are given pre-choice of their puppy based on the buyer’s initial choice preference as defined in the hold agreement (i.e. coat color, gender, sire/dam, eye color, etc.) before the puppies are made available for sale to others.  Upon the birth of a chosen litter, advance buyer(s) will be notified in the order of their placement on the litter priority list within 3 - 5 days of birth.  First buyer will be provided specifics and pictures of any available puppies within their pre-defined preference less eye color.  At this time buyer has been provided an “initial choice option” and is given 48 hours to choose a specific puppy to continue to wait for final evaluation and cost determination, wait for the next litter, or request a refund of their hold fee less any applicable fees.  If there are multiple puppies within the pre-defined criteria buyer will be asked to identify any pups that they may want to immediately pass on which can be offered to others and remaining pups will continue to be held awaiting 4 – 5 week evaluation. Once this decision is made, the next buyer on the priority list will be contacted with current availability and provided the same options.  The same will apply for others on the priority list.  Pre-chosen puppies will be recognized as “Hold” on the website.

NOTE: Once initial choice option is given, if a response is not received within 48 hours; priority list order and choice option is revoked and the next buyer on the priority list will be contacted accordingly.  Standard advance buyer terms will apply. 

Once the puppy receives its 4-5 week evaluation and cost determinations are completed, priority list advance buyers will be contacted for final purchase considerations (aka "final choice option) and confirmation.  Final purchase decision confirmations are required to be received within 48 hours.  If a response is not received within 48 hours, it will be assumed buyer is not interested in purchasing the puppy and applicable refund will be issued less $25 cancellation fee.  Puppy will be placed back into an “available” status.  Once final choice option is confirmed for purchase no matter what communication method (i.e. text, email, verbal, Facebook messenger, etc), hold fee is no longer refundable.  

Hold fees received after a litter is born are not refundable. 

All puppies are sold as pets and without breeding rights. If you desire to arrange breeding rights this must be discussed and mutually agreed upon by buyer and seller at time of purchase.  Additional fees will apply. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Let us know what you are looking for, what your current home environment is like and we will be happy to review each available puppy in detail with you so you can make a solid decision on your new companion and family member.  We want you to be confident and comfortable in your choice during the process. 

NOTE: We have the right to refuse breeding rights to anyone for any reason.


Purchasing a Puppy

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from an existing or future litter, please email, text or call to confirm puppy availability.  We require a $250.00 hold fee per puppy that is non-refundable unless you are placing an advance hold fee on a future litter as explained above.  The hold fee is applied towards the purchase price and deducted from the remaining amount due. 

Choice of puppy is on a first come first choice basis once hold fee and signed purchase contract is received.  Please keep this in mind when choosing your method of payment and sense of urgency in returning purchase contract.  The deposit and purchase contract indicate your intent to purchase a puppy.  If for any reason you are unable to meet the terms and conditions of this contract we will retain 100% of the hold fee and any payments received. 

Puppy purchase balance is due 10 days prior to picking up or shipping your puppy or if picking up, you may pay the remaining balance in cash on the day of pickup with prior arrangements having been made.  Shipping cost must be paid in full prior to us making any arrangements for shipping. 

Puppies are not released prior to 8 weeks of age and are required to be picked up no later than 9 weeks of age.  Additional fees will apply for retaining the puppy on behalf of client beyond 9 weeks of age. 

Methods of Payment

We accept cash, money orders, certified check, wire transfer, credit card (via Venmo), Zelle, Venmo and personal check (which must clear the bank before pickup). 

Texas based clients: Per Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, we are required to collect Texas State Sales Tax in the amount of 6.75% which is included in the total purchase price.  Additional information is available on our sales tax information page:   SALES TAX INFO

Zelle and Venmo are a very secure method for deposits, payments, and/or to pay the entire purchase price of a puppy.  Signing up for an account is simple, it’s free, and allows you to pay with a credit card if you prefer which is safe and secure.  Let us know your payment choice and we will send you additional payment information. 

Pickup, Delivery, & Shipping

Pickup: Contact us 2 weeks prior to pickup to arrange a day and time for pickup.  We will provide a meeting place, directions and any additional information at this time. 

Local Texas and Surrounding State Delivery Service: Depending on your location we can arrange to deliver or meet you at a pre-determined location.  Additional fees will apply to be determined, agreed upon, and paid in full 10 days prior to delivery or meeting.


Airline: If you need your puppy shipped via air we are able to accommodate such a request to an airport based in the United States at the cost of the buyer, flight and weather permitting.  We use United Airlines Petsafe Pet Transport and Shipping.  The additional cost associated with such arrangements currently range between $350 and $450 depending on the destination.  Cost includes flight, required health certificate, transportation to airport, and shipping crate which you will keep.  We are able to ship out of Dallas or Austin, Texas. Cost of shipping must be paid in full before we make all necessary shipping arrangements and ship your puppy.  NOTE: Some requested destinations may require a higher shipping cost as defined and regulated by the chosen carrier.  In addition, all shipping costs are subject to change based on the ever fluctuating airline market.  All shipping costs will be established, agreed upon, and paid for prior to shipping. 

Any other type of transportation or delivery cost, are the responsibility of the buyer to arrange and coordinate at the cost of the buyer before shipping. 

Once Deposit & Contract is Received 

We will send you weekly puppy progress updates and pictures/videos via email, text and/or Facebook messenger.  FaceTime or Skype sessions can be pre-arranged and coordinated as well. In addition, all puppies leave with a new puppy care package which includes a sampling of the food they are eating.


Purchase terms and conditions are subject to change without notice at any time.

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of our puppies to anyone, at any time for any reason.


For the safety and protection of our dogs, puppies and their future furever families, we do not allow anyone to visit our property or kennel houses.  

Unfortunately, most visitors don't understand how easy it is to be a life threatening carrier of a canine virus or parasites.

However; we offer many other alternatives such as multiple FaceTime or Skype sessions, videos and pictures as well as a magnitude of references including our veterinarians.

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